Company History

In the early 1980's John Gayman found himself working for various companies that he felt lacked insight, direction and most importantly lacked passion.  With what little savings they had amassed, in 1983 John and his wife Sue Gayman decided to take the plunge into starting a company that they could be passionate about.  The company was founded under the name Central Indiana Marketing (CIM). The company started with little resources, out of the Gayman household in Columbus, IN.  However, the family found their home quickly stacking up with pieces of technology that K-12 schools were starting to put into their libraries and media centers.  The Gayman's quickly built an additional space onto their home, to support the increases in demand from schools.  The company continued to grow and the neighbors quickly grew tired of the large semi's coming into the neighborhood.  At this time John and Sue decided it was time to rent a small warehouse space.  Over the next few years they quickly outgrew the rented space and needed to invest in a new development area known as Progress Park in 1990.  This building still serves as the home to the corporate administrative staff at CIM.
Since 1990, two of the Gayman sons have taken on roles within the business to continue to develop its operation.  CIM went through several transitions and name changes, where it went from Central Indiana Marketing to CIM Audio Visual and CIM Technology Solutions in 2008.  Through all these changes, CIM has been able to retain a good majority of its staff which has been a key factor in CIM's continued success. 
To date, CIM employs over 100 people in 14 states and is continuing to hire in all areas of the company.  CIM seeks people who are passionate about their internal drive to learn new and exciting technologies and the impact they can have on society.